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Happy Holidays! Calendars are out and the countdown has begun. Planning, festivities, celebration, last minute shopping, travel, road trip!!

Everyone is busy with social gatherings like house or office parties, concerts, soirees and fun! Family and friends add joy and merriment to the most waited-for season after all!

What does this have to do with safety and security? EVERYTHING, we say.  Unfortunately, in the Adrenalin rush, doors or windows can be left open, cars unlocked, backyard gates unsecured, or lights have not been set on a timer, etc. Why create that nagging feeling? This is a time for rush and excitement. Have YOU made YOUR critical checklist?

Fancy CCTV’s, NEST cameras, and all modern tech are supposed to be ‘your eyes’. What if there is a technical glitch or a power outage?

This is where Fyrewall security officers come in to observe, report and alert authorities as needed. Officers will patrol the premises for trespassers or intruders.  Officers on gatehouse duty will ensure every guest entering is properly ID’d and is expected by the hosting resident. Visitors will be denied entry otherwise.

Security is required to ensure the safety of residents and property, guests included.  Everyone can have their share of fun and laughter and get back to normalcy. But isn’t it best with no incidence you would have attend to after the holidays? Think on it and plan accordingly. Make memories. Are YOU prepared for a great season?


Guard, Protection, Protect, Guardian

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