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Security Guards: Armed or Unarmed- Client Discretion.

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First, why do you need a security guard?

How or why does a client choose armed or unarmed guards? To protect people and property. To control crowds at events. To wand people for prohibited objects. To check bags and belongings for anything suspicious.  Accompany or protect a celebrity or diplomat. To monitor community residences, worksites, construction site, parks, schools or to accompany groups of people.

Every situation calls for a unique plan of action, which only a professional and client-conscious company can provide. Of course, security officers are available. Have they fulfilled their training requirements? Back ground checked? What experience do they bring to the team? Class D – unarmed or Class G – armed? The decision to mitigate risk rests with the client. Does the client need armed or unarmed security?

Security Personnel

Unarmed Guards

Unarmed guards observe, monitor and report. They may be assigned at gatehouses, reception desks, rover patrol, customer service, or crowd control. The basic duty and function is to possess a pleasant and professional demeanor – maintaining calm to resolve situations and last, to act as deterrent to the intention of theft or mischief. Unarmed guards may request law enforcement in case of difficulty in dealing with unruly people or other such incidents. All security personnel are required to file a detailed incident report with their company.

Unarmed Security

Armed Guards

Wherein a guard has received special training to use a firearm for protection. Background checks differ to include legal Licenses and Registration, and validity of ownership. It is the responsibility of both the hiring company and candidate to be fully conversant with gun laws in the State of operation. Armed guards also receive specialized training to analyze each situation – resolve with non-violence or act accordingly if lives are at risk before using a firearm. Armed guards are popular for high profile jobs and receive a higher rate of pay than unarmed guards.

Armed Security

Fyrewall recommends clients to choose discreetly and wisely. Armed or unarmed?


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