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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Happy Holidays! Calendars are out and the countdown has begun. Planning, festivities, celebration, last-minute shopping, travel, road trip!! Everyone is busy with social gatherings like a house or office parties, concerts, soirees and fun! Moreover, family and friends add joy and merriment to the most waited-for season after all! What does this have

Security Guard Florida

What makes a Security Guard?

Staying in the know with Fyrewall’s Insider Blog In looking to set up a Qualified Security Guard Detail for your firm, there are several facts one must consider:            Background checks, training and certification, experience, reliability, availability, dependability, to name a few. A qualified, uniformed, professional and immaculate appearance sets the right tone for moving

CCTV Monitor Room

Benefit of Security – To Hire or Not to Hire?

Observe and Report – Keywords for Security. The technology boasts expensive gadgets and modernization, yet nothing beats the keen eyes of a trained and vigilant security officer. There is more to reviewing video footage than merely applying its existence as proof of incidents. When and why do you need security officers? How do their presence

Security Officer Job

“Guarding” means more than observe, assist, enforce, monitor, patrol or report. It incorporates training, familiarization, knowledge of standard operating procedures of both company and client. Above all requirements, it means the safety of self, first. Basic rules and requirements of being an Officer include eligible age, work authorization, criminal background check, drug testing, physical capability,

Security Guards: Armed or Unarmed- Client Discretion.

First, why do you need a security guard? How or why does a client choose armed or unarmed guards? To protect people and property. To control crowds at events. Moreover, to wand people for prohibited objects. To check bags and belongings for anything suspicious.  Accompany or protect a celebrity or diplomat. To monitor community residences,