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New Company or Old Habits?

Staying in the know with Fyrewall’s Insider Blog When hiring a security service company, your main concern should be getting information to best outfit the task. Right client, right job, right candidate, right duties, right location. Several factors come into play, starting with hours and contract guarantee. Security service companies are a dime a dozen,

First Impressions – Are You Safe?

Stay in the know with Fyrewall’s Insider Blog. “First impression is the last impression” – a famous coined phrase that proportionately decides the fate and future of ability. What people look for in a Security Officer depends on many variables. Being posted at an entry point asks for more than a frivolous look – see


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Happy Holidays! Calendars are out and the countdown has begun. Planning, festivities, celebration, last minute shopping, travel, road trip!! Everyone is busy with social gatherings like house or office parties, concerts, soirees and fun! Family and friends add joy and merriment to the most waited-for season after all! What does this have to