Fyrewall Security partners with clients from planning to consult and collaborate, analyze and effect security requirements. Commitment parallels quality of service. We listen – We deliver.



With promises of exceptional cordiality and vigilance comes the responsibility of discreet measures for a secure environment. Retain certified and professional services of a Company for whom the client’s safety and security precedes all else. Insist on Fyrewall.



Professional trained and certified unarmed guards. Our supervisors will act as liaison between Company and Client’s Security Department, 24/7/365 to insure strict adherence to protocol in compliance with regulations and prevent complacency or neglect on duty.



Professional SECURITY officers committed to YOUR safety.

We understand that strategic measures undertaken to provide for a secure environment begins by appointing skillful and experiential services of a company where the client’s safety interests outweigh all else.  Fyrewall Security is that knowledgeable source that prioritizes the protection and welfare of people and property through proactive measures and effective vigilance. Our officers are trained to interact, monitor, notify, coordinate, appraise and manage situations under guided protocols for positive expectations.

Our Vision

To Consult, Identify and Protect your quality of lifestyle and assets.


Security Guards services

We Are Professional

Professional, trained, Officers with Florida State Certification. Field supervisors conduct random spot checks of Officers on duty.

Security Guards services Florida

24/7/365 Support

Command Center open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing contact with personnel regarding schedule changes or any issues that may arise.

We Are Experts

Fyrewall Officer teams in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade possess customer service skills that help reason, avoid conflict and assert strict code of rules and regulations set by Clients.