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Uniformed Security – Boynton Beach

The ability to be recognized and approachable starts with a designated dress code, especially in the Security field. A Security officer’s first responsibility is to be in clean, presentable attire – namely the REQUIRED Uniform provided by the Security Company. There is no room for slack in arriving at a post, hastily look for a private moment to change into Uniform and clock in duty time. Uniformed Security is the first glimpse of safety and security of people and property. An officer on duty at any appointed post in Boynton Beach, or locations serviced, must adhere to a dress code to reflect their core responsibilities of fulfilling their contractual commitment. To observe and report any breach in safety and security, or possibility of suspicious activities in the area. Uniformed Security act as a deterrent to bad intentions or uncivilized behavior. Fyrewall’s Uniformed Security Officers in Boynton, Palm Beach and Broward Counties portray professionalism without question. Fyrewall Uniformed Security Officers are customer oriented and empathetic to the people they serve and beyond the environment of their service. People appreciate the presence and hard work of Fyrewall Uniformed Officers and never hesitate to say so!

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